Friday, January 22, 2016

She died? Who is she?

She didn’t have to die,
Did she? She did!
You killed her!
She doesn’t want to liken herself to the phoenix,
She doesn’t like clich├ęs,
She wants people to know she has come back to life,
Hush! Don’t mention the phoenix now.
She wants to convey the news of her rebirth in subtler words,
She is trying but she can’t, yet.
She wants to put it in words you’d read and like,
She thinks you’d read this,
She wants you to know she thinks so much,
She wants you to know she does THINK,
She intends to make up for the years of death,
Months of death maybe,
She isn’t sure,
She loses track of time when she dies,
Not really her fault.
She wants to tell the world how you killed her,
She thinks it matters,
Though I tried convincing her it doesn’t.
She wants to tell the world who she is,
The obnoxious narcissist that she is!
She thinks she should be given a chance,
After all, she might die again.
She’s the rambler in me,
She comes to life when you forget I exist,
She dies when you remember,
She makes me write,

Kill her soon, please!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Sorry I'm sane.

What if sanity is a handicap, a disease that afflicts most of us and in insanity lay our true potential.

What if sanity is merely the incapacity to see beyond the confines of human cognition, to see beyond what is considered normalcy. After all, normalcy is arbitrary. 

Child marriage is madness now, lesbianism was madness then. Someday our definitions of sanity would be inclusive of today's insanity

When madness sets in, is there a way back to hold oneself from it? Do they give in to the madness, unable to bear the pain and monotony sanity comes with? Did they have a voice telling them 'don't dare go there, for, there lies insanity'? Why do I think 'giving in' is beautiful? 


Was it music,
Was it noise?
Was I deceiving,
Was I deceived?
Did I intrigue you,
Was I intrigued?
Was it love,
Was it lust,
Was it both,
Was it neither?
Did you touch,
Did you punish?
Did I touch,
Did I pretend?
Did I care,
Was I not bothered?
Was it her,
Was it him?
Was it wine,
Was it pain?
Did we reconcile,
Did we drift apart?
Did I kill you,
Did you kill us?
Did you live,
Did you die?
Was I deluded or
Was I deluded?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


A shade of dependence,
A layer of belligerence,
A tad less love or lust,
A redundant moment of silence,
An elfin sting of acrid honesty,
A fleck more of dishonesty,
An inadvertent burp of curiosity,
A tad more love,
Could tip the balance,
Today and just today,
When you are incognisant of the unrest,
In you and me.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Don't wake up

Still lost
Staring at the suns that the sun wouldn't let you look at,
At the patterns they make,
And what they mean to you.
Still lost
In the world the patterns take you to,
In familiarising yourself with these constellations,
Still lost in the joy of being a speck in the universe.

Still lost in the ups and downs,
Of those compressions and rarefactions,
Lost in the math of these waves,
Rejoicing in the synchrony
Between your mind and the composer's.

Still lost
In the hues the boring blue sky breaks into every evening,
The hues the clouds absorb and disperse,
The hues that your busy polluted city refuses to appreciate,
The hues that light up the horizon.

When would you realise you lost me?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Touch - thimbleful

It's his touch she wears on her forehead everyday,
Proudly, colourfully and enviably.
Her lips gently stretch into a smile,
When the reflective surfaces stare at that bright red,
When those fine grains of red decorate her mobile screen,
When the rain morphs into the red liquid that trickles down her face,
When the red sticks to her nails as she wipes the sweat off her forehead,
You know what I mean.

Well, where do you plan to wear mine?

Don't worry about that; it might not be red and bright, but in the right places. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Never born

You are aborting the baby

That's because you might disown it later

I might. I'll decide after it's born.

May be you won't;  what if I disown it?

I know you wouldn't

I could disown YOU honey. You told me that I am a drama queen

I like your being dramatic. Also, I like annoying you by saying that

You're sick weirdo

Strangely, I'm the one who they call sick. I think you could be more qualified to be called sick, overqualified actually. I bring you to calm shores more often than you do.

Yes, that's annoying. I am annoyed that you have the ability to handle me. But I think I'm more thankful to you than I'm annoyed.

Stop your gibberish. Stop acting like you make sense.

You always thought I made sense

I always let you think that I thought so

Damn you!

Can you sit on my lap while you abuse me?

I haven't begun yet. But yeah, that would it make it a lot easier

I can smell you and the stench of your words