Friday, December 21, 2012


You lied,
To delight me,
To entertain me,
To liquefy my trepidation,
To settle my doubts,
That stemmed from my inadvertent knowledge,
Of those antecedent lies,
Or so I believed.

You could have lied,
Through your teeth,
Because lying is your forte,
Because lying treats your senses,
Because lying has become your wont.

 Lies never dampened,
Anything they ought to have,
Your lies showed more of you,
Whom I couldn't help relishing more.

I lied,
Not out of mockery,
Not out of spite.
But to lighten yours,
To mitigate those pangs yours deliver.

Friday, December 14, 2012


We subsisted on them,
Feeding our minds with them,
Molding our emotions with them,
Discovering each other in them,
Indulging in an orgy of them,
One of 'words'.

What are you but words,
What am I but words,
What are memories but words.

When emotions dissociate from words,
What are words but graves.
Graves of the moments,
Moments that we devoured together.