Sunday, September 29, 2013

Niggling questions

When time becomes dearer,
When investing time demands strategies,
When investing time on people yields no returns,
In terms of peace, tenderness and warmth,
We invest time on memories,
Memories that can't and don't fail us,
Until reality can delight us.
Will we be able to subsist on memories alone?
Won't the repertoire of memories be depleted,
Without the people that create them?

Sunday, August 18, 2013


The assault was trivial,
It couldn't  hurt one's epidermis,
It could never disrupt a smooth day,
It couldn't engage one's senses,
For more than a few seconds.
But it made me numb,
It sent my head whirling,
It annihilated my thoughts,
It drew a curtain over my vision,
It accentuated my solitude,
It embossed the vacuity,
It squelched all signs of the make-believe joy,
It amplified the feminine disposition to embrace melodrama,
It caused the genesis of this drivel,
And squandering of some more internet space,
It was an accidental abrupt end to your phone call,
Should you be forgiven?

Monday, August 5, 2013


Decisions were made only to be discarded,
Confusion was resolved only to be reinvented,
Passion was forsaken only to be embraced again,
Novelty wore off only to disarm you a little later,
What prevailed and reigned,
Was uncertainty,
With its exasperating pervasiveness,
With its unsettling expanse and growth by the second,
Coercing me to forsake my dreams,
Showing me the mirage of bliss,
And bracing me up for the misadventures.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Salty answers

Here are the answers,
That evaded you and me.
My tears are my anger liquefied,
My forgiveness solidified,
My tolerance fractured,
My love welded.
They spare you,
They shame me,
End the silence,
Stating what my words couldn't,
Keeping us together,
When nothing else could.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Alien eyes

Those spells of time,
When you are invisible to the world,
The world that ignores your existence,
The world that doesn't notice of your turmoil,
The world that cannot interpret your silence,
The world that doesn't savour your smiles,
The world that is what it was,
Absorbed into itself,
Submerged in its own troubles,
There are a pair of eyes,
A bunch of visual signals,
Scanning how your face convulses,
In response to your thoughts,
Trying to make sense of those expressions,
Trying to read your reflections,
For want of nothing better to do,
Those eyes of a stranger,
That didn't estrange you.
Should you be grateful,
Or indifferent or annoyed?

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Be here

Tell me what's happening in the world,
Tell me what's happening to the world,
Tell me I am still a part of it,
A despicable part of it.
Tell me I am not mad yet,
Tell me it's okay to be mad,
Mad at yourself.
Tell me it's alright to let your mind wander,
And do crazy things to yourself,
To the world.
Tell me I am a bundle of contradictions,
Tell me because nobody else could,
You being one yourself.
Tell me this is how the world works,
This is how it sucks,
Tell me it was always so,
That it might be so for eternity.
Tell me what I like to hear,
Tell me all that is repulsive,
But be here,
As my hope,
As my despair.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


I caught one of those thoughts,
Evading my meditation,
And sneakily making its way,
Into the heap of forgotten ones.

The thought that could ruffle my feathers,
That could agitate our calm waters,
The calmness so scrupulously conserved.

The thought that expounded your responses,
That explored that unusual tone.
It's that thought that spoke of your anger,
Anger that you were oblivious to,
Anger that could not be identified,
Unless it was reflected,
By a mirror tailored for you,
A human mirror.
What you will never know,
Is that your anger,
Erodes the mirror's silver.
The more it's eroded,
The more it's yours.

Monday, February 4, 2013

It changed

Your cognisance of my love,
The stripping of your mask of incognisance,
Hasn't abated my joy or misery,
Of being in love.
The uncertainty reigns,
As it always has.
The doubts stay put,
The qualms linger,
Your fears are exposed,
Worsening mine.
What I've earned,
Is freedom,
The freedom to dream,
To dream unbridled.