Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Never born

You are aborting the baby

That's because you might disown it later

I might. I'll decide after it's born.

May be you won't;  what if I disown it?

I know you wouldn't

I could disown YOU honey. You told me that I am a drama queen

I like your being dramatic. Also, I like annoying you by saying that

You're sick weirdo

Strangely, I'm the one who they call sick. I think you could be more qualified to be called sick, overqualified actually. I bring you to calm shores more often than you do.

Yes, that's annoying. I am annoyed that you have the ability to handle me. But I think I'm more thankful to you than I'm annoyed.

Stop your gibberish. Stop acting like you make sense.

You always thought I made sense

I always let you think that I thought so

Damn you!

Can you sit on my lap while you abuse me?

I haven't begun yet. But yeah, that would it make it a lot easier

I can smell you and the stench of your words

Friday, September 12, 2014

The placebo

I am the sole witness,
To the struggle that crumbles you,
That incapacitates you,
That brings to view those facets,
That were for long hidden,
Those of agitation and disorderliness,
Those of vacillations and insecurity,
Those that seek to preserve you,
Those that keep me out of that palisade,
One built of doubts and fears,
Augmented by amorphous words,
Of anger, angst and ardour.
The antidotes are quite a few,
But you chose time.


There is no escape,
No respite,
No consolation,
When your actions are seized,
When your thoughts freeze,
When reason fails,
When melancholy reigns,
When emotions tyrannise over you,
Over that forlorn you.
You saw it coming,
You were partially braced,
But it left you in tatters,
Intimacy was no armour,
It's just a two edged sword,
Which you never controlled,
And you never can.
You are just helpless
When familiarity intrudes.