Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Crowded Void

I go to sleep everyday hoping it'd refresh my brain
I expect 'sleep' to be sort of some eraser that conveniently erases everything that I subconsciously don't want to bear and to fulfill all fantasies that never can be fulfilled. Mr. Sleep is my best boyfriend(hardly thought of, but exploited thoroughly)

I don't know what stages I sleep through,
A lot of it is REM and sadly, though supposed to be rejuvenating, it becomes an imposition because REM events can be recalled

Initially nothing
more nothing
septic shock
Intractable pain
and what not!

There are new additions to the menu everyday, but there is persistent hyponatremia. I gasp when I feel can do nothing about it. I give up! I accept my helplessness. I admit to myself that I am not a fighter and burrow my head between the mattress and the pillow desperate for a few hours of non-REM peaceful sleep.That doesn't happen!!!
Despite all these lamentations that can tire anybody, there is a clandestine joy of belonging to the happenings around me when the whole world sleeps, which can be likened to the possession of ESP or some unexplained, uncategorised super power( good as long as it is unexplained). Life's good!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Letters to FMD(Fyodor Mikhaylovich Dostoyevsky):1

Dear Sir,
I have hardly noticed you hanging in the wall opposite the place I sit. Sometimes I read you, sometimes my text books (which although not as good as yours, are believed to fetch me my bread), sometimes surfing the net (happy for you that you didn't have these not so productive luxuries in your time.The internet should have definitely affected your life, gambler as you were), sometimes writing whatever crosses my mind (always reminded of the honesty and reason in your words, actually the translation of your words), sometimes braying.. I was initially apprehensive if hanging your portrait opposite me would tire me of looking at you. But that never happened. I still wait for it to, cause familiarity breeds contempt, irrespective of the object/person inducing 'familiarity'. Talking about me can tire you.
I've seen you analysing things by talking about yourself. I've never been able to differentiate you and your characters. Let us say that it's so with many other authors, but it's especially so with you. I keep wondering why the then psychiatrists or people soothers didn't consult you. I don't know how renowned you were and I don't wish to know. I know you were an epileptic, had more than one wife, that you took to gambling... Whatever. The misery you went through makes me shudder. I don't know what part of the misery was earned by yourself. But by what you write I believe you blame yourself for whatever you went through(which maybe right). There is this sentence that describes you 'he wrote at heart wrecking speed' and I admire the statement for its veracity. It wrecks my heart, the pace of the words and analyses.
You had to write to earn your bread sir??!!! I wish I were in such a situation, to do something to earn my livelihood. I hate the luxuries I enjoy and the fact that I take my abilities for granted . I wonder how an analytical and a guileless person like you managed to live one and a half centuries ago. Your thoughts and their distinction should have made an outcast out of you. I've seen a similar strain of thought in your contemporaries but those weren't well established or backed up as your thoughts. Though I wish I lived in the same period as yours ( I would have anticipated every book and every word of yours and the fervor would have driven me crazy), I am partly happy that I was born much later, because there is a good chance that I would have died before people talked about you and all your books reached me. And there is not a chance that I could have gotten a portrait of yours, had I lived during your lifetime. There are tonnes to write sir and they shall follow.


Sunday, August 7, 2011


The need to connect to the world!! Is that a real need?? Can it be differentiated from the need of letting the world know what you are(i.e letting the world perceive you the way you want to be perceived)?? For example, all these social networks, do you really think they exist to keep you in touch with your friends??? Let's not explore the basic intention of the creation of the same. But indomitable is the fact that these networks advantage of the pomp, flamboyance and pretense that is displayed in from of pictures, thoughts and what not. That makes me a hypocrite, being a part of one such network? La! Very much! But man! It's nothing compared to the hypocrisy I encounter at work everyday. That doesn't make me a lesser hypocrite. I can handle my hypocrisy. I look forward to the day my hypocrisy shall duly be quashed. Today isn't the day?? Nope. Because I want to end this abruptly and get miserable handling hypocrisy.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Q and A: 2

Read this in one of the least known books. 'We, as humans, are always seeking connections. Physically we seek health and affection. Emotionally we yearn for a sense of belonging, intimacy and love. Intellectually, we look for patterns and relationships and spiritually, we pray for oneness with the divine' The book can be labelled decent but this one sentence was edifying ' Intellectually, we look for patterns and relationships'. I always thought patterns and relationships had something to do with emotions. I wouldn't have placed it under intellectual needs. I am wrong. This sentence makes sense!!