Sunday, August 7, 2011


The need to connect to the world!! Is that a real need?? Can it be differentiated from the need of letting the world know what you are(i.e letting the world perceive you the way you want to be perceived)?? For example, all these social networks, do you really think they exist to keep you in touch with your friends??? Let's not explore the basic intention of the creation of the same. But indomitable is the fact that these networks advantage of the pomp, flamboyance and pretense that is displayed in from of pictures, thoughts and what not. That makes me a hypocrite, being a part of one such network? La! Very much! But man! It's nothing compared to the hypocrisy I encounter at work everyday. That doesn't make me a lesser hypocrite. I can handle my hypocrisy. I look forward to the day my hypocrisy shall duly be quashed. Today isn't the day?? Nope. Because I want to end this abruptly and get miserable handling hypocrisy.


  1. Yeah! I guess we become miserable when the subliminal becomes liminal.

  2. I like your thought! But don't get ashamed of ones own hypocrisy. That's my policy. It will be conquered one day.