Sunday, April 21, 2013

Be here

Tell me what's happening in the world,
Tell me what's happening to the world,
Tell me I am still a part of it,
A despicable part of it.
Tell me I am not mad yet,
Tell me it's okay to be mad,
Mad at yourself.
Tell me it's alright to let your mind wander,
And do crazy things to yourself,
To the world.
Tell me I am a bundle of contradictions,
Tell me because nobody else could,
You being one yourself.
Tell me this is how the world works,
This is how it sucks,
Tell me it was always so,
That it might be so for eternity.
Tell me what I like to hear,
Tell me all that is repulsive,
But be here,
As my hope,
As my despair.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


I caught one of those thoughts,
Evading my meditation,
And sneakily making its way,
Into the heap of forgotten ones.

The thought that could ruffle my feathers,
That could agitate our calm waters,
The calmness so scrupulously conserved.

The thought that expounded your responses,
That explored that unusual tone.
It's that thought that spoke of your anger,
Anger that you were oblivious to,
Anger that could not be identified,
Unless it was reflected,
By a mirror tailored for you,
A human mirror.
What you will never know,
Is that your anger,
Erodes the mirror's silver.
The more it's eroded,
The more it's yours.