Friday, January 22, 2016

She died? Who is she?

She didn’t have to die,
Did she? She did!
You killed her!
She doesn’t want to liken herself to the phoenix,
She doesn’t like clich├ęs,
She wants people to know she has come back to life,
Hush! Don’t mention the phoenix now.
She wants to convey the news of her rebirth in subtler words,
She is trying but she can’t, yet.
She wants to put it in words you’d read and like,
She thinks you’d read this,
She wants you to know she thinks so much,
She wants you to know she does THINK,
She intends to make up for the years of death,
Months of death maybe,
She isn’t sure,
She loses track of time when she dies,
Not really her fault.
She wants to tell the world how you killed her,
She thinks it matters,
Though I tried convincing her it doesn’t.
She wants to tell the world who she is,
The obnoxious narcissist that she is!
She thinks she should be given a chance,
After all, she might die again.
She’s the rambler in me,
She comes to life when you forget I exist,
She dies when you remember,
She makes me write,

Kill her soon, please!