Saturday, May 25, 2013

Salty answers

Here are the answers,
That evaded you and me.
My tears are my anger liquefied,
My forgiveness solidified,
My tolerance fractured,
My love welded.
They spare you,
They shame me,
End the silence,
Stating what my words couldn't,
Keeping us together,
When nothing else could.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Alien eyes

Those spells of time,
When you are invisible to the world,
The world that ignores your existence,
The world that doesn't notice of your turmoil,
The world that cannot interpret your silence,
The world that doesn't savour your smiles,
The world that is what it was,
Absorbed into itself,
Submerged in its own troubles,
There are a pair of eyes,
A bunch of visual signals,
Scanning how your face convulses,
In response to your thoughts,
Trying to make sense of those expressions,
Trying to read your reflections,
For want of nothing better to do,
Those eyes of a stranger,
That didn't estrange you.
Should you be grateful,
Or indifferent or annoyed?