Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Never born

You are aborting the baby

That's because you might disown it later

I might. I'll decide after it's born.

May be you won't;  what if I disown it?

I know you wouldn't

I could disown YOU honey. You told me that I am a drama queen

I like your being dramatic. Also, I like annoying you by saying that

You're sick weirdo

Strangely, I'm the one who they call sick. I think you could be more qualified to be called sick, overqualified actually. I bring you to calm shores more often than you do.

Yes, that's annoying. I am annoyed that you have the ability to handle me. But I think I'm more thankful to you than I'm annoyed.

Stop your gibberish. Stop acting like you make sense.

You always thought I made sense

I always let you think that I thought so

Damn you!

Can you sit on my lap while you abuse me?

I haven't begun yet. But yeah, that would it make it a lot easier

I can smell you and the stench of your words