Monday, August 5, 2013


Decisions were made only to be discarded,
Confusion was resolved only to be reinvented,
Passion was forsaken only to be embraced again,
Novelty wore off only to disarm you a little later,
What prevailed and reigned,
Was uncertainty,
With its exasperating pervasiveness,
With its unsettling expanse and growth by the second,
Coercing me to forsake my dreams,
Showing me the mirage of bliss,
And bracing me up for the misadventures.


  1. Adding my filth........

    I can sense, in this very moment,
    Weight of my solitude.
    O! Pain of my heart!
    Loss of my dreams!

    Yet, in all this chaos, I have no choice
    But to affirm to life. Life! This very life
    That fluttered its wings inside my breast
    Only to loose it to death, in eternity.

  2. Fifth? Just to downplay myself, lol. Ignore it. Was dreaming a dream: writing a few lines, someone else to try next lines, and so on. Will it result in anything good? Wondering! Above I was trying to express the feeling that your poem excited in me:)