Friday, December 10, 2010

The process of 'standing'

I seem to have been thinking in tons and loads after a really long time.. thankful to Osho. Irrespective of whether I agree or disagree with his ideas, He has made me think. Seems to me like a drastic comeback to introspection after all the crap... I will have to revise what I say now. I can't help agreeing with what he says. When I read him first three years back, I thought his examples were juvenile for the only reason that they were simple and understandable.. The striking appropriateness now makes me feel ashamed of my previous stand. I have been obsessed with reason or still better obsessed with being obsessed with reason. I still am. But having read Osho, I am reconsidering it(Can't believe that I am reading a mystic). Obsession with being obsessed with reason is the most comfortable thing that ever happened. I cannot give up rationality just like that.. That doesn't mean I've been absolutely rational all the while, because rationality doesn't have limits that human knowledge can see. I am still in the process of evaluating my stand with respect to his ideas.. I am very confused. There is a long way to go. So it seems now. If I were to find something utterly irrational I may drop it abruptly. I have to admit the entire process is going to be tedious. Life's good again.

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