Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lunaria annua

I had this impulse to write whatever comes to my mind. I could very well have written it on a piece of paper, where it would have been more honest and less dramatic. Even as I try to be less dramatic, my thoughts somehow do get adapted to the fact that I am not after all writing this on a sheet of paper, implying that all these theories on honesty is crap. Nobody in actuality is what she/he to the world. Why opt for the less rational and more animated option of typing it here?. Well, it's nothing sophisticated or commendable. Just plain naked loneliness.For now let's suspend other complicated issues of acknowledgement, appreciation, approval and argument, for which I 'may' write here( 'here' refers to the dubious but actual space that this entity called 'blog' occupies.Dubious because it doesn't exist for most of the world that I know, actual because this blog is among the zillion other apparently unimportant data occupying cyberspace)
Loneliness! It's something that has shaped everybody over her/his developmental years. Almost everything a person is, is the product of her/his loneliness. To mention a few








This list is incomplete. There are more fanciful 'products' propping up.. But we'll stop here. Out of all the products of loneliness, the unproductive one is .................. Well, I ll let you have your choice. It may very well be out of the incomplete list. And Yet Again(Sigh!), Life's good!


  1. "Nobody in actuality is what she/he to the world."
    What profundity! Makes me want to weep..

  2. Almost everything a person is, is the product of her/his loneliness.
    that sums it all...! respect.

  3. @ Charu- Honored mam! But there are a few exceptions, like the time we spent together. That's why the 'almost', lest it should have been just 'everything a person...'