Saturday, September 17, 2011

Brief report

Hearing your ring-tone but your phone seeming like its dead - A moment of pseudo-dissociation. Didn't strike me that somebody could have the same ring-tone as mine. Not that my mind is shrewd enough to identify all these trivialities. But the impact it had was quite disproportionate. The fear came back. The fear of insanity. Felt alienated for a while. Alienation is a familiar feeling, but insanity authorises and establishes it. For all the bragging about my independence, I am no island.


  1. Reflects the plight of modern life. Can't keep individuality. Can't get out of the rat race. Unlike in the old times, with all desire we yearn for solitude! We yearn for a morning, where birds sing again! I had written a poem on this. Will put in my blog soon.

    "I am no island" ??

    Buddha said, "You be your own island." But seems impossible in our times!

    Did I read you well?

  2. I am very much in the rat race. The best thing to do would be to accept it. Like you rightly pointed out we can't get out of it.

    I'd very much want to be an Island and I act like one. But that isn't the truth. Lest, I shouldn't be afraid of alienation.