Tuesday, March 6, 2012


How often is that one gets to realise his dreams? I have always realised mine.It could be so that my dreams are very tangible that I realised them until now. I am gifted with the unique ability of not being able to tell my dreams from reality. I live my reality in dreams and the dreams in reality. Not that my present dreams are farfetched. But, for the first time I am facing a situation where my dreams are sneaking out. I am not able to put into words what has blown up in my face. My face is pretty contorted, so is my mind. More to come, needless to say.


  1. Interesting! Waiting for more.....

  2. Waiting for more! You are one writer I can never get enough of!

  3. Wanderer, I am keeping my fingers crossed too!

    DD, I am overwhelmed! Thank you!