Monday, February 3, 2014

Chemical reality

'Chemicals govern our actions' - you tell me,
Disowning your actions, affection and anger,
Distancing yourself from me,
Assigning the task of handling me to your chemicals,
Evading my questions,
Indulging in those bromidic questions,
About the world and the human mind,
For which you never could and never will find the answers.

Our minds are drenched in chemicals,
That we seek - the hedonists we are,
No different from addicts,
Only it isn't  a material addiction.
You try and recede from the addiction,
Only to yield to it more frantically.

You quetch that I don't see through your eyes,
That I'm full of hope,
That I refuse to grow up.

I did see through your eye,
The sight isn't pretty,
But there's one scene I'd want to cherish,
Those spells when our chemical cycles synchronise,
When we forget why we live,
When we forget to live,
When nothing beyond 'us' seems real.


  1. I got the emotion and literature in it. But got reminded of the advent of neuroscience. Often science looks at humans as just machines. To re-envision humans as humans, we need "liberating arts". Not a fancy word. The art that can liberate us from materialistic, pragmatic, hedonistic, moronic, mechanic views of human life.

  2. Oh? Science tries to understand why we behave the way we do, I wouldn't agree with you that it comes up with mechanical views of human lives.May be I am just biased. Will try to explore liberating arts. Thank you!

  3. No, dear prenihilist, you're not biased. You are correct. Only in the sense that "what science should be". But I claim that today science has gone out of its objectives and does not any longer understand the human element in things. I will substantiate my points later.