Monday, April 13, 2015

Sorry I'm sane.

What if sanity is a handicap, a disease that afflicts most of us and in insanity lay our true potential.

What if sanity is merely the incapacity to see beyond the confines of human cognition, to see beyond what is considered normalcy. After all, normalcy is arbitrary. 

Child marriage is madness now, lesbianism was madness then. Someday our definitions of sanity would be inclusive of today's insanity

When madness sets in, is there a way back to hold oneself from it? Do they give in to the madness, unable to bear the pain and monotony sanity comes with? Did they have a voice telling them 'don't dare go there, for, there lies insanity'? Why do I think 'giving in' is beautiful? 


  1. Struggle against conformity! Freedom is an abyss.

  2. "Sanity" like "normalcy" is a myth.