Thursday, October 22, 2009


I used to be a kid when I was a kid. Though whatever I wrote then is not something I am really proud of , its worth reading(to me). What follows is not that trivial. One of those blogs which still makes sense to me.

If my knowledge is nothing but a bunch of connections that I may afford to forget or retrieve, so are my emotions.. I wonder why emotions describe a person rather than knowledge. Can something describe a person? A person's mind? Is there something called mind?Isn't mind the collective term for all the connections that you possess and are easily accessible?. So what describes you is just connections of your brain? People speak the jargon of anatomy? What is there to like and not like about people? Why do some choose to keep some of their connections(connections of neurons) and tend to forget the rest? why is the pattern of choice distinct to individuals? I have never thought in these lines. Does this mean my remission or regression? I have too many questions to answer. There was this really cool theory running in my connections( I didn't theorize it) for quite a while before six months. Its called learned behavior. People like to retain some connections because they learned a few repetitively and got accustomed to what they were exposed to by virtue of their environmental situations. And because they are comfortable with the accustomed ones they tend to perpetuate it .Isn't this the origin of behavior, personality , character blah blah. That simplifies my doubts and complicates my life. Of course there are other factors which affect the evolution of this process, they in turn being influenced by the environment. So ultimately, is it the environment that determines what everybody is? This is disappointing. But at least it supports the concept of 'cause'.. life's good? I don't know.


  1. Thats why its said - You are what you are from within, and not what you do. Love people for what they are, and not for what they do. And also, - Hate the bad in others, but not the person.