Tuesday, October 27, 2009

uh-oh! Mother?

I was one of those misplaced children,
Who didn't know you as a child,
Who didn't want to know you,
Who never looked out of the window to admire you.
I didn't leave my prep unfinished, while on the terrace,
To ogle you.
I didn't paint you when I was asked to,
I didn't kneel down to pamper you,
I didn't take you in my hands to
Dodge and leave my scent on you.
Pretty ostentatious women whined about you,
I left any place where you were spoken of,
Not because of jealousy,
Not because you aren't worthy.
But somewhere in my mind(Ah! not heart),
I knew the reasons for my deviant attitude,
And now that we are alone,
I'll fondle you,
I'll let you know what I am like,
When you are left uncared for,
When the pretentious beings have left,
to become unpretentious in their dwellings,
You have me and I, you,
For a while, my hands are yours,
My Darling 'Nature',
Wonder why people call you "mother"!