Monday, May 7, 2012

Away toward

She watched him,
He grew red as she turned away.
She turned away,
Aware of what was receding,
Aware of the darkness that shall engulf her.
She turned blithely and  gently,
Without the slightest reluctance,
The reluctance she wasn't be able to summon.

Her face reverberated his redness,
Growing just as resplendent as his,
Multiplying the beauty by the second.

She knew her life faded everyday,
Only to be enlivened the next.
She had no qualms,
About this separation,
Or the queasiness of the reunion,
When he would be just as red as he is.

She was turning toward him,
As she was turning away,
In this cycle of their elegant affair,
The affair that defines day and night,
The affair behind the redness,
Of an everyday sunset,
The affair between the Sun and the Earth.


  1. Reality in its full beauty!!!

  2. I'm getting reminded of past! No, there's no going back......

    1. Isn't the past adorable for the fact that we can't go back?

  3. This is a beautiful poem, reminded me of a few lost moments.