Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Questions and curves

I have been too happy to notice what I've been thinking, in case I have been thinking. Happiness can be benumbing if it lasts longer. What length of happiness will define 'longer' I cannot say. A part of the happiness comes from the realisation of a step toward my dreams. But the major part of it comes from the perception of growth, the growth at mind, if I can call it that. I should say that there's no telling how wonderful it feels, at the risk of sounding narcissistic. When was the last time you perceived your growth? This leads me to my favourite set of questions.When does one's learning curve peak? Does it plateau after it peaks? What is the shape and behaviour of this curve? Can somebody manipulate his own learning curve when he is aware of the concept of the 'learning curve'? If one can, for how long can it be manipulated?

Will the converse be true? Will it be harrowing to know that one is walking the downslope of the learning curve? Will one be able to accept the fact that the optimum state of functioning of his brain is past? Will the acceptance go unnoticed or would that be a significant event in one's life?

I can keep wondering. But I won't wonder now and make this more tedious.

 Life's good? The curves should be able to tell. The curve being plotted against time, time can tell?

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